IMPACTS Issue 7 is Out Now!

July 10, 2024
3 min

As the Hungarian associate agency of Savills, we are the exclusive source for the latest 2024 "Impacts" publication from Savills. This year’s edition explores future global trends in the world of real estate – including how people are shaping real estate’s purpose and the role of climate change in driving progress. Despite the fact that global markets remain destabilised, there’s a cautious sense of optimism in the world of real estate. Can we finally anticipate a progressive recovery and more open road ahead for property investors, developers and occupiers?

The 2024 issue of "Impacts" deeply analyzes the key topics that shape our present and future:

• The fundamental role of infrastructure: Not only the engine of economic growth, but also the guarantee of sustainable development.

• The human factor in real estate utilization: How do social needs and community interactions transform space usage in our modern cities?

• Climate change as a driving force: Innovative solutions and green technologies in sustainable property development. Additionally, the publication addresses the interconnections between geopolitical dynamics and changes in cross-border trade, the new challenges of urbanization such as water security, and how cities become global magnets for talent, thereby redefining the integration of work and private life.

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