Property Management

Optimised Solutions for Effortless Property Management

At ESTON, we understand that for property owners and landlords, retaining satisfied tenants, optimising costs, and maximising income are of paramount importance. Our top-tier property management services are rooted in a proactive approach, aimed at providing effective and profitable solutions to every client in our portfolio. Recognising the uniqueness of each asset, client, and tenant, we offer customised property management strategies designed to meet specific needs across all stages of the property lifecycle and various asset classes.

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Value-added services

We take pride in offering a suite of value-added services that go beyond the standard expectations. From proactive maintenance initiatives to personalised tenant engagement strategies, our focus on delivering added value is woven into every facet of our approach.

Excelling in Operations Management

We strive to boost your operational efficiency and secure long-term success in an ever-changing business landscape by streamlining workflows, meticulously tracking performance metrics, and promoting ongoing enhancement. Our approach includes preserving high property value, suggesting strategies for further development, maintaining high occupancy rates, and providing comprehensive management of your property.

Strategic Technical Supervision

Our services include regular property inspections to ensure high maintenance standards, optimisation of operating costs, organising tenders for selecting sub-contractors for technical and maintenance services, and other real estate management services tailored to your commercial properties.

Communication and  Reporting

Our team maintains frequent communication with tenants and continually enhances efficiency through advanced automation. We provide customised reports for the landlord to create a clear understanding of operational key points and ensure transparent operations using specialised reporting platforms.

Managed Portfolio

Our Supervised Properties

ESTON oversees a wide-ranging portfolio of commercial properties, characterised by outstanding service quality and functionality. This includes a variety of real estate properties, from prime office buildings to retail centres. Our portfolio encompasses over 20 buildings – housing 700 tenants – including 9 nationwide hypermarkets, supported by a team of 15 professionals.

  • Category-A office – 150 000 sq m
  • Category-B office – 80 000 sq m
  • Logistics and retail – 150 000 sq m

The Property Management Experts

Meet Our Team

The Team behind the process

Dániel Pintér

Associate Director
Head of Property & Project Management

Linda Rozgonyi-Sipos

Retail Operational Director

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