Capital Markets

Delivering Strategies to Solve Complex Real Estate Challenges

Leveraging over twenty years of experience, coupled with our vast network and data-informed insights, our team expertly navigates buyers through complex challenges and assists sellers in reaching their ideal clientele. Our approach includes precise asset valuation, supported by thorough market research, ensuring successful transactions.

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Capital Markets

Unlocking Property Potential

Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in realising the highest possible returns on their investments.

AS A BUYER, navigating through the increasingly complex real estate market to find the ideal property is a significant challenge. With over two decades of industry experience and a broad network of both domestic and international contacts our team expertly guides clients through the decision-making and the complete transaction process.

AS A SELLER, defining the best marketing strategy, identifying the targeted buyer pool and setting an appropriate price are crucial steps to close a transaction with the ideal buyer. As a member of the Budapest Research Forum, our research department conducts detailed micro– and macroeconomic analyses quarterly in addition to our own research and findings on the Hungarian real estate market.

How do we assist our clients?

As your trusted advisor, our Capital Markets team leverages our firm's full spectrum of expertise and resources to address your unique needs and challenges. We offer a comprehensive suite of real estate services, covering sales, leasing, market research, consulting, tender management, and customized transaction advice.

Comprehensive Portfolio Consulting

Engage with our detailed real estate portfolio audits for a comprehensive evaluation of your assets. Thisservice is designed to facilitate well informed decisions and effective strategic planning.

Strategic Market Positioning

Our strategy goes beyond simple visibility; we craft and communicate a compelling story about your property, ensuring it resonates with and attracts the right audience.

Innovative Sales and Marketing Strategies

Our methods transcend traditional approaches, focusing on out-of-the-box strategies that enhance profitability and reduce time-to-market for your properties.

Personalised Transaction Guidance

Benefit from our expert insights and strategic counsel, with personalised support that makes the transaction process not only efficient but also specifically aligned with your unique needs.

Reliable Asset Management

Enhance the performance and value of your real estate assets under the guidance of our skilled professionals.

Expand to Cross-Border Markets

Leveraging our extensive network as Savills partners, and using targeted marketing initiatives, we aim to broaden your reach, attracting international clientele and expanding your market presence, on local, regional and global levels.


TESCO Portfolio

The transaction of 14 Hungarian and 4 Czech properties of nearly 300,000 sqm reached a total of €280 million, marking the largest Hungarian transaction in the first half of 2022 and comprising 40% of the period's investment volume. The two-year project  managed by ESTON and Savills' cross-border team required extraordinary resources and presented many challenges before winning "Investment Transaction of the Year" in 2022.

Margit Palace

In 2020, ESTON and Savills facilitated the landmark sale of Margit Palace for Adventum Ltd, a prime example of merging historical charm with modernity. Once a tram depot, this iconic 17,000+ sqm building has been transformed into a modern office space. The transaction marks Resolution Property's first venture into the Hungarian market supported by our Capital Markets division.

Buda Square

Renovated in 2018, the 17,000 sqm office building Buda Square is an A-category, BREEAM In-Use certified building located in Óbuda. The transaction of the portfolio consisting of Margit Palace and Buda Square was 2020's largest open market office sale. The deal was successfully brokered by ESTON for the previous owner, Adventum Ltd.

The Capital Markets Experts

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Attila Balogh

Head of Capital Markets

Luca Pickermann

Junior Consultant Capital Markets

Bence Soós

Research Analyst

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