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Specialising in transforming workspaces into productive environments, we offer customised renovation, refurbishment, and fit-out services. We have brought to life modern office and community spaces, utilizing our carefully monitored subcontractors. Acting as a single point of contact, we take full responsibility for fit-out projects, having outfitted over 250,000 sqm of office space across nearly 300 successful projects.

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Crafting Efficient, Sustainable, and Customized Environments

As your Project Management team, we are dedicated to guiding the transformation of your spaces, whether they're intended for office use, hospitality, or retail. Our expertise is at your disposal, offering not just exceptional knowledge but also access to market-leading contractors. Our focus extends beyond achieving visual appeal; we are dedicated to developing environments that are efficient, environmentally sustainable, and fully tailored to your business requirements.

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Our Project Management Services

Interior Design

Collaborating with expert interior design studios, we specialise in crafting spaces that reflect vision, brand, and culture.

Workplace Audit

By strategically analyzing your workplace, we unlock opportunities to maximize efficiency, boost employee satisfaction, and align physical spaces with your organization’s goals.

Project Management

We coordinate all aspects of the project from planning, execution, and completion to ensure it meets your specific goals within a defined timeline and budget.

Relocation Management

Services designed to assist businesses in transitioning seamlessly between workspaces while minimizing downtime and disruption.

Cost Consultancy

We provide guidance from initial budget consultations for feasibility testing to strategic procurement and contract advice, ensuring efficient project completion.

Design & Build

Streamlining design and construction services through a centralized point of contact, resulting in shortened project timelines, increased efficiency, and simplified processes for clients.

Crafting Spaces:

Beyond Aesthetics in Office Design

Every project we undertake emerges from an engaging dialogue between our clients and us, driven by the understanding that the perfect office transcends meticulously drafted plans and harmoniously selected colors. It is our belief that a space should always be crafted with its users at the forefront of consideration.

Even an aesthetically pleasing chair loses its value if its sole purpose is to appeal to the eye, rather than to fulfill a practical need.With this philosophy in mind, we are committed to offering expert guidance on key aspects that contribute to a successful and sustainable workspace.

We echo the sentiment that „Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union”  believing that the integration of aesthetic appeal and practical utility creates spaces that not only inspire but also serve the needs of their users effectively.


McKinsey & Company

Overseeing the fit-out for McKinsey & Company’s Budapest office space, covering over 4,000 sqm, and achieving Hungary's first LEED v4 Platinum rating in the Commercial Interiors category. This innovative project features a dual-themed office space, blending a jungle-inspired relaxation area with a technologically advanced work environment, a synergy for enhanced productivity and well-being.


After 48 years as a beloved dining spot, PAJTÁS – a historic venue has been repurposed for Adventum Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt., aligning with our commitment to value-enhancing developments that significantly reduce ecological footprints compared to new constructions.This project not only revitalizes a cherished location but also sets a benchmark for sustainable redevelopment in urban spaces.

ACG Reklámügynökség

2017 Office of the Yearwinner 1,200 sqm fit-out for the renowned advertising agency ACG, drawing inspiration from the human 6 senses — a core element that the agency aims to influence through its work. The building's industrial features became the foundation for the interior's aesthetic, evident in the bespoke elements, floors, furniture, plants, and graphics, creating an environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.


Inceptech's "Space Garden", winner of the Office of the Year 2020 award, blends futuristic innovation with natural elements to inspire boundless creativity among employees. The design concept centers on a luminous office space reminiscent of a spaceship, where technical systems are artfully exposed, and plants are seamlessly integrated into lamps, furniture, and a striking green wall.

Margit Palace Common Area

Margit Palace, a protected site once a tram depot, underwent a rebirth that preserved its historical essence and architectural integrity. The renovation of common areas maintained the iconic brick walls and added modern light sculptures, blending tradition with contemporary design to create an inviting ambiance.

IDEMIA Hungary

IDEMIA's interior design concept, based on international branding and visual identity, mirrors the client's open, youthful, and innovative mindset. The "space within a space" principle and the focus on collaborative areas were prioritized to foster communication and collaboration among young teams. Throughout the design process, facilitating seamless communication between teams and divisions remained a top priority.

The Project Management Experts

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The Team behind the process

Dániel Pintér

Associate Director
Head of Property & Project Management

Sándor Sipos

Project Manager

Dávid Németh

Operational Director


We are proud that our Project Management team and their works has been awarded in numerous local and international awards.

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