Tenant and Landlord Representation

Market-Leading Solutions Tailored to Landlords, Investors, Developers and Occupiers

As office trends evolve, professional guidance rooted in extensive knowledge and experience becomes indispensable. We are committed to supporting our clients in realising their business aspirations, be it through expansion, relocation, or space optimisation. We believe that the office is more than just a workspace; it's the heartbeat of any company.

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Tenant Representation

Assessment of Needs

A strong Tenant Representation strategy covers more than just finding office space. Our professionals identify ways to reduce risks, cut costs, boost productivity, and lay a foundation for future success.

Advice & Review of Lease Contracts

Trust our experienced team for effective negotiation of favourable lease terms and comprehensive assistance in finalising your existing or new lease agreement.

Space Optimisation

Whether your business is seeking additional space for growth or aiming to optimise its current space usage, our focus is on ensuring the most efficient layout that best suits your company's actual needs.

Seamless Relocation Management

Offering thorough management of operational logistics, coordination, and detailed execution, enabling businesses to stay focused on their primary functions. Our aim is to enhance employee satisfaction and guarantee that staff are fully operational at the new location from day one.

Market Research

With in-depth insights and access to comprehensive market data, our team offers a decision-preparation package that aids in uncovering hidden needs and aligning both short- and long-term objectives with the specific requirements of occupiers.

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Tenant Representation References

Revolution Software – Capital Square

The collaboration between Revolution Software and ESTON, aimed at evaluating the last decade's office market changes, led to the decision to extend their current office lease, influenced by its location, quality, and favorable rental terms aligned with market trends and company preferences.

Lightware Zrt. – HOP

After 8 years of collaboration and assessing their continuously evolving needs, ESTON successfully facilitated Lightware Zrt.'s move to their new headquarters: a newly renovated, ESG friendly, 7,000 square meter multi-purpose facility that accommodates assembly, manufacturing, and logistics under one roof.

Dentons – BEM Center

Following comprehensive market analysis, Dentons' project to optimize office costs resulted in consolidating its multi-location setup into one of the market's highest prestige new developments, meeting quality expectations and operational efficiency, guided by sustainability and efficiency principles.

Landlord Representation

Defining Target Strategy

Our target strategy focuses on cultivating mutually advantageous relationships that resonate with the broader objectives of tenants and interests of property owners. We assist in identifying and attracting occupiers who are specifically seeking the unique features and benefits that your asset provides.

Marketing Strategy

Crafting tailored marketing strategies that concentrate on extensive reach and targeted campaigns, and leveraging market insights to attract suitable tenants, maximise occupancy rates, and ultimately increase the overall value of the property.

Relationship Building

Our approach to relationship building is centered on fostering strong connections with clients, tenants, and industry stakeholders, building trust and open communication.

Defining the Target Audience

In landlord representation, we strategically define our target audience by analysing market dynamics and tailoring our approach to meet potential tenants' needs.

Market Research

With in-depth insights and access to comprehensive market data, our team offers a decision-preparation package that aids in reevaluating asset management strategies of landlords and therefore unlocking potential growth.

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Landlord Representation References

BudaPart DOWNTOWN – Property Market

„We consider the ESTON office leasing team to be a strategic partner, as we have been entrusting them with the leasing of the current phase of our BudaPart office development for years."

– Károly Katkó, Leasing Director – Property Market


„Based on many years of successful collaboration, we have once again placed our trust in the ESTON team for the leasing of our THQ Office building.”

– Anita Hancz MRICS, Sales Director, Offices – WING Zrt.

RoseVille – Atenor Hungary

„We appreciate the unique approach and the extensive local knowledge of the consultants, which is why it is always a pleasure working with ESTONs dynamic and seasoned team."

– Máté Galambos, Leasing Manager – Atenor Hungary

The Office Agency Experts

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