Retail units, shopping centers

High-standard consulting services in the lease activities of downtown retail premises or shopping centres. Professional support for banks, insurance companies, retail chains, franchises, restaurants in network expansion.

Full-service package for property owners, the tenants, the bidders, or for clients possessing retail units with lease rights. Eston provides effective retail property marketing for landlords/owners and optimal acquisitions and contract management for those seeking properties.

Advanced services:

  • Retail chain expansion services – full domestic market coverage, complementary consultancy services (city study, competitive analysis)
    Seeking appropriate units according to client preferences, defined location, even anonym
  • Portfolio analysis, adequate re-structuring
  • Exclusive cooperation
  • Market positioning and pricing strategy
  • Tendering – advisory support upon the request of the lessor or even upon the request of the would-be lessee

Our retail properties