Property Management


ESTON’s International Property Management team (PM), who have been present on the market for 25 years, has won the operation of the newly handed over Advance Tower Office building, which is owned by Futureal-group. ESTON is especially proud to be working with a prominent developer such as Futureal. The office building has a leasable area of 12,100 m² and they also possess BREEAM certificate. The building process is in its second phase now. 

ESTON started the operation of its property management branch (PM) in 2012 with the aim to become the market leader in the property management market. The primary task of the branch is to support the Client in carrying out their portfolio plans, furthermore to maximize the profit of Owners and Investors by enhancing tenants’ satisfaction. Their success is highlighted by the increasing number of Clients. What’s more, their work was awarded by winning the prize of the Property Management Company of the Year in 2017 at the Office of the Year competition.

The 8-storey ’A’ category office building developed by Futureal-group was designed by Paulinyi-Reith & Partners Architectural Studio. The specially designed glass surfaces in Advance Tower ensure that the offices in the building get ample natural light. The property is equipped with smart solutions and sustainable technologies, therefore intelligent building management, automated shading system optimizing the sunshine, intelligent watering system on the roof-garden and low-emission heating-cooling system can also be found in the property.

The first phase of the Advance Tower, which has also got BREEAM-certificate, was designed and operated according to the WELL Building Standard qualification (WELL). The aim of the WELL-qualification is to establish office buildings which take into consideration not only the environmental impact but also the health, well-being and comfort of the people working there. The International WELL Building Institute with its headquarters in Washington examines the effects buildings have on the human body, people’s health and general well-being on the basis of seven aspects – air supply, water, access to healthy food, natural light, physical exercise, comfort and mental fitness. Currently there are more than 30 office buildings around the world which possess WELL pre-qualification. Futureal-group, the first European developer, managed to obtain WELL Platinum pre-qualification for three of its projects.

Mr. Adorján Salamon, General Manager of ESTON said “We are very proud that our PM team achieved such a big success in such a short time and that we could expand our portfolio with the operation of a new office building. We guarantee that thanks to our devoted experts our new Partners will get the best possible service and we will do everything to satisfy all their needs.”

“The innovations based on WELL-qualification set the trends of the next decade in the office market. Advance Tower is the trailblazer of this trend not just in Hungary but in Europe too” – said Tibor Tatár, General Manager of Futureal.  “Futureal-group is committed to realizing all its future office-building developments according to the WELL principles, hence people’s health as part of environment consciousness is considered to be the most important factor in  the design process” – he added.

New member on board of ESTON PM Team

István Földi – Senior FM Manager

As a result of continuous developments and innovative ideas ESTON International continues to be successful, which is reflected not only by figures, but also by the fact that in 2017 and in the first half of this year our portfolio was extended by several new projects and we have more and more satisfied clients by our side.

The firm’s dynamic development calls for expanding our team. ESTON firmly believes that the enhancement of client satisfaction and the further strengthening of the company’s role in the property market can only be reached with committed and motivated colleagues, who see challenges as opportunities for self development. This is why we are happy to announce that we have a new member, István Földi on board.

István joined ESTON’s team as Senior FM Manager in July. The expert has about ten years’ work experience in the field of facility management. He has worked in the field of sales, quality control, and FM due diligence among others, furthermore as a facility manager he was responsible for the operation of office buildings, industrial- and logistics facilities and commercial facilities.

“I am very happy to welcome István in our team in this very active, challenging period. We are especially proud that thanks to István our Property Management team can control the FM duties with our own team member, which opens up new possibilities regarding client satisfaction.” – said Mr. Adorján Salamon, Managing Director of ESTON.

ESTON PM team has a new member on board

Viktória Magyar – Operational director

The year of 2017 was an exceptionally good year in the life of ESTON International. Last year our portfolio expanded with several new contracts and we have got many new, satisfied clients by our side. The key to ESTON’s success is the continuous development and innovative ideas.

Our company has been growing dynamically as a result of developments, therefore we felt it necessary to expand our team in order to better support our development. ESTON firmly believes that increased customer satisfaction and stronger market position can only be attained in cooperation with committed and motivated colleagues, who see challenges as opportunities for growth. This is why we are proud to announce that Viktória Magyar has joined our team.

Viktoria joined the ESTON team in January as Operational director and as a member of the Property Management division she is responsible for daily operational tasks. She has more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of property market, and she was the division leader of JLL Property Management for many years.

Mr. Adorján Salamon, managing director of ESTON said: “The year of 2017 was a strong year in the domestic property market and the Property Management division of ESTON also increased its market share significantly. I expect the property market will continue to grow and also our company will close more deals this year. I am very happy that in this current buoyant, challenging market situation we can welcome Viktoria in our team and I trust we can achieve great success working together in the property market.”


ESTON success at the Office of the year competition

We established our Property Management (PM) branch in 2012 with our main aim being to become the market leader in the field of property management in the capital and to provide full support to our Clients in realising their portfolio plans. Owing to our flexible and effective services we have achieved outstanding professional acknowledgement in our market during the past couple of years. Our main aim has remained the same: to maximise Owners’ and Investors’ profit while enhancing Tenants’ satisfaction. We strive to provide client experience, as a result of which none of our contracts have been stopped. Thanks to our business approach the PM branch has become one of the main pillars of ESTON’s operation, we have a domestic portfolio of over 180 thousand square metre office space and we continue to grow.

The Office of the Year prize was awarded to an innovative, state-of-the-art office designed for ACG creative agency by Arch-Studio. The office was remodelled by ESTON PM team. The main concept of the office located in Margit Palace Office Building is based on the six human senses, which is not only innovative and artistic but also outstanding in its functionality. During the course of the design it was important that the departments were close to each other but at the same time they could work in peaceful and quiet surroundings, furthermore they have the chance to relax and ponder when the need arises.

In addition to participating in the award winning The Office of the Year project we are very proud to announce that ESTON won the Property Management Company of the Year award.

The Office of the Year competition is a high quality, professionally renowned event, which is organised every year with the aim of supporting and awarding companies and market players who establish lasting and significant values in the domestic property market. The competition was organised for the seventh time this year and set new records in every category, since they received 136 applications in 9 categories. This is why we are extremely proud that ESTON was present in two award winning projects.

Mr. Adorján Salamon, ESTON’s managing director commented about the prize: „We are very proud that we managed to reach success in such short period of time and that we won the Property Management Company of the year award at the Office of the Year gala event. We would like to thank our Clients for their trust in us and the property profession jury for their acknowledgement!”

We bring the market to your doorstep

The „Moving Market” visited BFI Office Building

 On 26th of June Moving Market opened in BFI Office Building, which is a unique initiative for the market’s organizers as well as for the office building operators. The Moving Market, which is brought to life within the framework of the Community Producer Program, moves upon request into office buildings or other headquarters for a few hours. The busy office workers can get to know the producers directly and buy fresh and quality products in their workplace – which are normally available only on the market. The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for primary producers, family farms and small farmers to sell their products through the latest and unused sales channels and the quality producer goods will really get there where there is demand for it.

“We were sure that the initiative will be beneficial for all parties involved and the first time organized market’s popularity at BFI came even beyond expectations.” – said Dániel Pintér, head of PM division at Eston International that ensures BFI office building’s operation. He added: “Beyond the operation of the managed buildings we try to improve their rental indexes, i.e. their market position. We continuosly put into practice our countless creative ideas to achieve this just like we did with this idea too. Further to this initiative, theater ticket sales, mobile car wash service and donation take place in the BFI Office Building. Our goal is that the tenants not only use the property for teir business but inhabit it, thus a real community place can be created.”

A successful year for the BFI Office Building PM with Eston

A good place to work is a good place to rent

A successful year is behind the BFI Office Building, located on Fehérvári út, which is managed by Eston since 2013. As a result of the owner’s efforts, as well as due to the highlighted leasing activity a market average level of occupancy is reached, representing nearly 100% increase in tenancy.

Owing to the recent remodeling and development works in the house, tenants may conduct their businesses in a lively and active building. In order to present such effectiveness, the new property manager needed to come up with novelties that support and add color to the the daily lives of the workers and boost the activity of the community in the building.

“We endeavored, beyond the nowadays commonly implemented selective garbage collection and energy saving methods, to introduce new ideas that stop the monotony or contribute to the daily operation of the companies. In the recent year we successfully expanded the building’s service range by features that connect to the office-work (state of the art, fully equipped meeting room available by the hour, carwash) and by a special CSR field as we organize blood donation several times a year. Nevertheless, we regularly host cultural events and other gatherings in the renovated lobby area.” summarized Dániel Pintér, Head of PM at Eston.

Adorján Salamon, CEO of Eston, is also satisfied with the accomplishments, and believes that “The leasing activity could not be this effective in the BFI House if, besides taking over the property management, we did not concentrate on the improvement of tenant satisfaction as well. With our team work we managed to well exceed 80% occupancy in the building, which, to the great satisfaction of the property owner, is above the market average for the first time.”

Background information

The ’A’ category BFI House is situated in a nice green surrounding offering modern air-conditioned office spaces on four levels. The 8,500 sq m building with its spacious atrium and reception area gives a warm atmosphere. The offices are suitable for smaller or medium size companies on open or closed layouts. The excellent in-house restaurant and café, the on-site facility management, the secured underground and open air parking spaces and the inside storage facilities altogether contribute to the tenants’ comfort.

Eston International, that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013, provides full range of property solutions to its clients, in all segments of business real estate. In addition to Eston’s agency, appraisal and consultancy services, the firm has already been involved in integrated property management since 2012. The company’s scope of activity spreads to all segments of commercial real estates from offices to warehouses and from retail units to investment and development properties. Eston International is a member of the Hungarian Real Estate Association (MAISZ) and the Budapest Research Forum (BRF); in addition to several professional awards (“Real Estate Agency of the Year”, “Best Cerean”, “Real Estate Appraiser of the Year” and BBJ’s “Best Real Estate Agency”) Eston was presented with the title Business Superbrands for the fourth time in 2013.

Innovation is the future

Eston and Rendszerinformatika joint project acknowledged

On the 6th of February in 2014, the “Office of the Year” awards were presented by the group. More than two hundred professionals attended the ceremony, organized for the fourth time; the winners were awarded following a two-stage evaluation (public voting and evaluation by an independent jury of professionals). The winner of the Innovation Award 2013 is the Cloud Office concept, a joint project of Eston International and Rendszerinformatika, which was introduced in the Eston managed Panorama Office Building.

The core of the Cloud Office service is that the office building is connected to the highest IT density data center; thus, every workstation is connected to the data center and performs its operation there too. The concept grants the possibility of planting the IT service units outside the office building, enhancing cost efficiency and system security at the same time.

“The Cloud Office provides outstanding service levels and superb price to value ratio for tenants. Besides, the project delivers competitive advantage to the office building, which, in this fierce market environment is very important.” – said Dániel Pintér, head of the Eston PM Division. He added: “It is our pleasure that the new service we worked out with Rendszerinformatika is now recognized by the profession; furthermore, we believe that by exploiting the synergies that form the base of the concept, namely real estate knowledge and IT competence, we are able to bring added value to our clients in the future as well.

According to the involved parties, Cloud Office, which simplifies the IT operation and improves cost efficiency and system security, may become popular in formerly delivered (5-15 years old) office buildings, and mainly in the sphere of smaller office tenants (mostly under 1,000 sq m).


Background information

Eston International, that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013, provides full range of property solutions to its clients, in all segments of business real estate. In addition to Eston’s agency, appraisal and consultancy services, the firm has already been involved in integrated property management since 2012. The company’s scope of activity spreads to all segments of commercial real estates from offices to warehouses and from retail units to investment and development properties. Eston International is a member of the Hungarian Real Estate Association (MAISZ) and the Budapest Research Forum (BRF); in addition to several professional awards (“Real Estate Agency of the Year”, “Best Cerean”, “Real Estate Appraiser of the Year” and BBJ’s “Best Real Estate Agency”) Eston was presented with the title Business Superbrands for the fourth time in 2013.

Rendszerinformatika is Hungary’s first IT fleet management company, where all IT resources are available in one place. They provides simplified, more transparent, secure and rewarding platform for the IT background that is needed for a seamless company operation.

New Year, new assignment, new colleagues at ESTON

Eston won new PM assignment

ESTON’s Property Management (PM) Division has lately won a new assignment for managing an office building portfolio from 1st January 2013. The assignor is a foreign property fund, who assigned Eston to handle a volume of more than 20 000 sq m property portfolio. The property advisor is not doing only PM (property management) services but also FM (facility management) too.

To properly handle the increased volume of work, Mr Dániel Pintér took over the leadership of PM Division at Eston from 1st January 2013. Dániel had previously been head of office leasing team for 6 years at Eston, where he not only succeeded in providing complex office solutions but gained significant experience also in project management, office fit-out, portfolio management and operation too. Now with this expert, Eston PM-clients gained a single-contact advisor where they only need to keep contact simply with one person.

In this deep-frozen market of commercial properties, keeping your tenants and satisfying their requirements at highest level have become more important than ever. Within these circumstances, where client-centred attitude is key, we see proprietors having greater trust in a consultant, who knows well both tenant market and the landlord’s or operations sides as well; someone who ‘understands the tenant’. With our agency background, Eston guarantees this comprehensive know-how and close contact for the assignors.” – says Dániel Pintér, Head of PM Division at Eston.

Supervision of Eston’s Office Leasing Division has been taken over by Mr Tamás Pál as of 1st January. The professional has 12 years of sales experience (7 years in property business) and he has achieved success in several transactions within the especially tough economic environment of late years. With Tamás’ contribution, not only the most optimal buildings have been found but also significant savings have been earned for tenants, to support them in long-term, profitable operation. Some of Tamás’ references: Heineken Hungária, Chio Magyarország, Bosch Siemens, Vodafone, Carnation.

Eston sales team – constantly unchanged despite of the crisis – has further expanded: Mr Gergely Kendelényi joined the office leasing staff as senior advisor. With the specialist having more than 10 years of professional sales experience, Eston’s office broker team has grown to 6 people, which is one of the largest sales divisions in domestic agency teams.

It is a pleasure to have started the 20th year of the agency with an ever expanding, professional and dynamic team. Within these market conditions, where keeping and serving clients in an appropriate way has become more essential, to deeply know tenants, to comprehend landlords expectations, and to have customer-centred attitude, mean guarantee for our clients to keep returning to us again and again.” – states Adorján Salamon, Chairman-CEO of Eston International.