Office-solution for Covance and Chiltern delivered by ESTON

ESTON International assisted in finding a new HQ for the tech-giant

The US-based LabCorp life sciences company, whose drug development segment is known as Covance, successfully completed the acquisition of Chiltern in 2017. The aim was to strengthen their position as a global life sciences company with leading diagnostics and drug development businesses. A change of this size in a company’s life requires office expansions, change management and relocation. The two companies, Chiltern and Covance, were initially located in Allee Corner and Canada Square. Neither of these locations were able to fulfill the requirements after the merger. As a best option, the two companies decided move to a new joint location that offered a larger office area and a higher level of service and ESTON International was the partner selected to identify the new location. The optimal solution was the Residence Offices situated in District II. The property was chosen due to the excellent location, the level of service, and the leasable area, all of which perfectly suited the client. The move-in to the new 600 sq m office was completed in March 2019. The Residence Office Buildings belong to the LFPI Group that represented on the Hungarian market by FLE GmbH.

Market Report H2 2018

Lendületben az irodapiac – derül ki az ESTON új kutatásából
A budapesti bérirodák piacán dinamikus kereslet-bővülésnek lehettünk tanúi az elmúlt három évben. A szakértők szerint ennek még nincs vége.

2018-ban rekord szintre emelkedett a budapesti bérirodák iránti kereslet: az összes kiadott terület meghaladta az 530 ezer négyzetmétert; erre korábban csak 2015-ben volt példa. Piaci szereplők osztják a véleményt, hogy a növekedés dinamikája szükségszerűen csökken a közeljövőben, de a részleteket nézve úgy látszik, a coworking irodák új lendületet adhatnak a kereslet bővülésének.
Salamon Adorján, az ESTON International Zrt. vezérigazgatója szerint a nagyobb szolgáltatók már jelen vannak a budapesti irodapiacon, de a verseny a jövőben tovább éleződik. „Tapasztalataink szerint az Egyesült Államokban és a Nyugat Európában már bevált formula itthon is egyre nagyobb népszerűségnek örvend, és a korábban 1500-2000 négyzetmétert kereső szolgáltatók ma már jóval nagyobb, akár 4-5 ezer négyzetéteres bérleményeket keresnek operációjuk biztosítására. Közismert, hogy a jelenlegi piaci helyzet nem igazán kedvez a nagyobb bérlőknek, hiszen mozgásterük elsősorban a még építés alatt álló irodaházakra korlátozódik.” A szakember szerint lenne igény arra, hogy Budapest dinamikusabban zárkózzon fel a nyugati trendekhez, hiszen egyre több cég ismeri fel, hogy hatékonyságának növeléséhez a munkavállalói igények kiszolgálásán át vezet az út. A coworking irodaterek jellemzően elsődleges lokációkon, kiválóan megközelíthető épületekben találhatók, ahol az irodai munka mindig újszerű, igényes és változatos környezetben zajlik. A kulcs a rugalmasság, a legfőbb felhasználók lendületes start-up vállalkozások, vagy akár multinacionális nagyvállalatok, ahol sok tevékenységet projekt-feladatként delegálnak.
Bővebben az alábbi kutatásból olvashat a jelenlegi iroda-, ipari-, és befektetési piac helyzetéről:



The American owned HortonWorks has recently extended their office lease in the CBD in Central Udvar.  The tenant representation team of ESTON International supported the California based data software developer company from Santa Clara. 

ESTON started the cooperation with HortonWorks in 2016 and the advisor company was really glad to work with them again. „We are happy that the „band” (the team dealing with the real estate matters) was reunited again. Because of their growing clientele they started to run a bigger operation and it resulted in an office size increase as well” – told Tamas Pal, Head of Office Agency from Eston. „It ment a lot and made the process easier that we have worked together with AddVal before which has been responsible for the letting of the building. Their professional attitude ensured the new Landord about the serious willingness of the Tenant regarding the lease extension and expansion”.

AddVal’s Leasing Manager Rita Szabo said: „We are really satisfied when one of our Tenants extending their office lease in the building that we lease and manage. It is a great recognition of our efforts.

„In the current office lease environment it’s very challenging to secure the requested office space for an expansion but Eston did their best for the sake of HortonWorks” – continued Tamas Pal, Head of Office Agency at Eston International. HortonWorks started with one level lease in the building and now they are on 3 levels after expanding their operation.

The ESTON Tenant Rep team represented HortonWorks for the second time. Now and then Eston worked together with the American advisor; Savills Studley helping their Client together. An assignment like this is always really interesting because apart from the local tasks the consultants need to resolve the time zone differences which requires a great flexibility from all parties. In this particular case we were lucky that the consultants and the landlord team have been well established so the earlier mentioned „band” expression is a very correct expression. We can achieve the targets together with the band!


BRF report – Q3 2018

Office market report:

Four new office buildings were delivered to the Budapest office market in the third quarter of 2018, totalling 110,970 sq m. The largest of the completions took place in the Non-central Pest subregion; Magyar Telekom’s HQ comprises 58,800 sq m. Further handovers included the 36,000 sq m Mill Park, the 11,340 sq m Advance Tower I. and the 4,830 sq m EcoDome.

The total modern office stock currently adds up to 3,587,290 sq m, consisting of 2,943,580 sq m category ‘A’ and ‘B’ speculative office space as well as 643,710 sq m owner occupied space.

Industrial Property Market:

In the third quarter of 2018, one new building was handed over: a 5,000 sq m warehouse in the next phase of Budapest Dock Szabadkikötő.

The total modern industrial stock in Budapest and its surroundings stood at 2,086,120 sq m at the end of Q3 2018.

Total demand amounted to 109,350 sq m in Q3 2018, marking a 10% decrease from the figure noted in the same period last year but 83% increase compared to the previous quarter. Lease renewals accounted for 52.1% of the quarterly volume, while the share of new leases was 31.4%. Expansions stood for 10.1% of the quarterly volume. One pre-lease agreement was signed in the third quarter, representing 6.4% of total demand.

For the full reports, please click on the links below:



BRF Q3 2018 industrial PR_ENG-FINAL_ESTON

BRF Q3 2018 industrial PR_HUN-FINAL_ESTON


ESTON International started its operation 25 years ago, and has become one of the most significant players in the Hungarian commercial property market, and has been remarkably successful ever since. The company, which provides a full scale of services in the commercial property market, has Sykes, Epson, MOL, Erste Fund Management, Concorde, Fusion, ACG and Nokia Networks among its main clients. ESTON operates an office area of more than 300 thousand square metres, has supervised the building of more than 40 thousand square metres office space as project manager, furthermore ESTON has one of the biggest teams of tenant representative consultants. In the past two years ESTON sold more than 200 thousand square metres of development land, and the full development potential of the properties is around 700 thousand square metres.

ESTON started its operation on the property market in 1993 and set off to expand its scale of services very early on. In addition to its professional approach the company has been focusing only on commercial properties since 2004. ESTON’s team has obtained a very strong market position in this sector, where the competitors are the local offices of the biggest global property service providers. Since 2010 ESTON has offered tailor made solutions in the property management sector as well, this branch has become one of the most dynamically growing divisions at the company. In September 2017 ESTON and Savills entered into a partnership with the aim to expand their services on institutions and property companies who would like to invest in Hungary, in addition, Hungarian clients also have wider access to the European market through Savills’ extended network of offices.

Mr. Adorján Salamon, ESTON’s Managing Director said: “I’m very proud that in the company’s history we have reached the highest number of staff, the biggest market share and annual income. I’m positive that under the current market conditions we are able to continue the growth. I would like to say thank you to our Partners and Colleagues because without them we couldn’t have realised this success story.”

Salamon Adorján