Our history

Our company started its operations in 1993 on the domestic real estate market.

1999: our company was awarded ‘Real Estate Broker of the Year‘ for the first time by Magyar Ingatlanszövetség (MAISz).

2000: The company transformed to be a public limited company.

2001: First among domestic real estate agencies our company introduced ISO quality assurance system.

End of 2004: name and image change. From this moment on our company keeps on operating under the name Eston International, exclusively focusing on commercial real estate property market.

2004: Eston awarded as ’Best Cerean’ for the second time. This recognition is promoted by Central European Real Estate Associations Network (CEREAN) each year for the best performing agency. This year Eston also wins ‘Best Property Consultancy in Hungary’ award by BBJ-Resource.

2005: Magyar Ingatlanszövetség (MAISZ) awards Eston with the title of ’Best Real Estate Valuer of the Year’.
Also in this year Eston joins ONCOR International, the international organization assembling top-ranked, commercial real estate companies.

2006: Our company wins ’Best Real Estate Valuer of the Year’ award for the second time, our CEO Adorján Salamon yet receives the honouring award ‘Best Real Estate Professional’ as a recognition of his outstanding performance presented on the field of domestic real estate brokerage.

In 2010 Eston widened its scope of activities: Property Management (PM) service and Technical Inspection including project follow-up without limit of value throughout the country.

2011: For today Eston stands at Clients’ disposal with the largest brokerage team among agencies providing customized proposals and innovative ideas.

Eston is the official appraiser of two Hungarian property funds.

We are proud to declare that most of our Clients return to us and chooses Eston as professional partner for property-related decisions.