Clients about Eston

We are proud to declare that most of our clients recommend us to others. What could be better reference than the satisfaction of a client?

  • ‘Well-done, precise work. Although our office tenement is not very large, I had the impression to be handled by Eston as a key account. As far as I have seen, our interests were minimum as much represented by the consultant as the landlord’s. It’s been a good choice to have Eston our partner in finding our new office.’

Tamás Jánosi, Country Manager, Zumtobel Lighting

  • ‘Please let me thank you for everything we were provided all through the project! We managed to establish a really good relationship with you and all the benefits that were promised at the introduction, have been realized, or even over-performed! This is quite rare, especially at such a large project like this was.’

László Albrecht, Managing Director, Syngenta

  • ‘I would like to thank the special attention, professionalism, customer-focused approach, and last but not least the lot of patience that we have received from Eston during the successful completion of the transaction. In You we got to know a consulting company, which has excellent knowledge of the office space market, the client’s interests geared to the maximum, with high level of professional skills, which we can firmly recommend (and we will) to our partners attention.’

János Zrupkó, Country Manager Central Europe & Adriatics, Det Norske Veritas Business Assurance

  • ‘We had a very good relationship with Eston right from the start. They kept an eye on our changing demands highly flexible, with maximum effort and attention, finding best suitable solution for us. Continuous tracking of negotiations and pointed out every possible risk factors for us. Eston explicitly aimed to serve client requirements and act accordingly all way through.’

Anna Lugosi, Office Manager, Mott MacDonald Magyarország

  • ’Correct, reliable business cooperation, professional know-how, maximum quality.“

Erzsébet Barbalicsné Kósa, Office Manager, Brokernet

  • ‘Reliable, correct job, excellent professional knowledge, professional implementation.’

Ferenc Farkas, Head of Property Management, Allianz Hungária

  • ‘Nice, moreover excellent work done, during which Eston called our attention even to the details beyond the scope of the task.’

Ákos Borsik, senior advisor, Ernst&Young

  • ‘Eston’s expertise was essential in finding a solution to achieve an extension of our office space, which is perfectly suited both to the owner and the corporate interests. I had a great experience working with a company, which combines high level of professional experience with outstanding customer management in a perfect way.’

Péter Borsos, CEO – Hungary, Tahitian Noni International

  • ‘During our network expansion I have gained positive experience about Eston. What can depend on the professionalism of a real estate consultant is the success of the whole project.’

István Zvada, Head of Facility Management Department, UniCredit Bank

  • ‘Few years ago we managed to purchase several development sites with the contribution of Eston consultants – within short time, at a reasonable price. Since then we have returned to work with Eston on several deals.’

Dr. Gyula Kerényi, CEO, Pesti Házak Zrt.

  • ‘It is a pleasure working with Eston. Their appraisals always get ready quickly, we never have to wait for the actualization.  They are always ready to travel everywhere in the country and they help us make the right decisions on what to purchase and what not.’

Balázs Pázmány, ERSTE Property Fund