Market report 2017 H1 Investment

Stable growth

Hungarian economy produced a strong growth of 3.7% in the first half of 2017 compared to last year (when the growth was at 1.7% in the same period). The volume of investments grew significantly compared to the low base rate (by 34%); growth could be observed in every area of the economy, investments in the construction industry grew by 49%. Industrial output grew by 5.6% in comparison with the January-June period last year, whereas construction industry grew by an even bigger (27%) rate. Construction of residential properties increased by 46% in the first six months (compared to last year). The number of building permits and simple notifications has increased by 40% in Hungary, and it has doubled in Budapest. As a result of the easement of building permits and the state subsidies (CSOK –state subsidy provided for families, reduced VAT) provided for residential properties the strong increase in building residential properties is likely to continue in the following year.  Costs of constructions showed continuous increase in the examined period, prices increased by 8% in the second quarter in comparison with the same quarter last year.

Retail trade continued to expand: the rate of growth was 3.9% in the January-June period compared to the previous year (in 2016 it was 5.3%). Consumer prices grew by 2.3% in the first six months compared to last year, while the rate of annual growth was 1.9%. The biggest rate of inflation could be seen in case of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.

Unemployment rate dropped below 5% (4.3), in addition employment rate increased to 68.1%. There is a big difference regionally in the unemployment rate, there is a shortage of labour at the more significant industrial areas. The National Bank has not modified the base rate since the middle of 2016, it stands at 0.9% at present.

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