Optimal Management chose Duna Office Center as their new office building

With the aid of Eston International and CBRE, Optimal Management has decided to relocate to the CE Land Holding managed Duna Office Center.

As Miklós Fábián, CEO of Optimal Management, explained, they have visited several office buildings in the past couple of months, and that their main target was to stay in district 13, and most ideally in Váci út. “We have managed to choose such a location that is located closer to the city centre and due to the good public transport and main roads is easily accessible for both our colleagues and our clients.”

CEO of CE Land Holding Kft., Csaba Széll commented, that while Duna Office Center is one of the first office buildings of the Váci út office corridor, it is still up to the freshly built class A offices. Duna Office Center contributes to its tenants’ comfortable operation with a continuous maintenance, with a flexible management approach minding tenants’ discrete needs, and also, with a stabile property ownership in the background. The landlord was represented by the CBRE professionals throughout the negotiations with Optimal Management.

Optimal Management was assisted by Eston International in their previous office finding, 3 years ago. In their new office leasing assignment, Optimal Management, as a recurring client of the agency, expressed their satisfaction about Eston’s services.

“Since we first met, Optimal Management has almost doubled its size, therefore we are delighted to be part of such a development. Our consultants tried to find such a building that satisfies the client’s needs to the highest degree and contribute to the company’s long-term fruitful operation.” – said Adorján Salamon, CEO of Eston International.