Infiniti has arrived: Infiniti Europe introduces a new car brand on the Hungarian market. Auto trader Gablini, who is the sole trader of the brand, will open the first showroom in June in �trium Park, on Váci út. The deal was concluded with the aid of ESTON International, the co-exclusive agent of �trium Park.

Infiniti Europe and Gablini Group have recently signed a contract about the exclusive distributorship of the premium car brand in Hungary. The first European Infiniti saloon was opened in October 2008 and since then several dealerships have opened one after another around Europe.

Gablini Group began to search for the most suitable showroom for the luxury dealership at the end of 2008. “Finding the right unit required great foresight as we had severe expectations from the display area to be developed. Besides, it also had to match the strict regulations of the Infiniti brand. We imagined the ideal setting on the ground street level of a busy office building, in Pest, close to the city centre, with good parking possibilities.â€? – says the sales executive, Ã?kos Kovács.

While viewing the possible locations, Ã?trium Park with its large glass window façade, special and solid elegance appealed the most to the company’s managers so the deal was successfully concluded in March 2009.

“It is a pleasure to be an elemental part of the constantly developing Váci út. Ã?trium Park is a real dash of colour and pioneer of this office corridor. It satisfies all of our previous expectations both regarding its inner and outer qualities.â€? – added the owner, Gábor Gablini.

According to Szabina Kriston, senior consultant of Eston International’s retail division, the well-defined vision of the client made the negotiations with the developer, WING Zrt. very smoothly. As a result of this prosperous cooperation, all conditions have been fulfilled in order to open the first Infiniti showroom and sales point in Hungary on more than 220 square meters on the ground floor of Ã?trium Park.

As a consequence of the economic crisis, the volume of sold new cars has decreased everywhere around the world. In Hungary, 54% less new cars have been sold than in the same period last year. Nevertheless, the introduction of the new premium brand seems to prove that the premium positioned products with high quality will always be in need. Let it be a luxury office, a residential estate or clothing items.